Baking With Kids – The Easy Way

My kids and I love to bake, but not necessarily together. Baking can be overwhelming. Just thinking about all the measuring and mess can make a mom want to run and hide. Baking with your kids doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, baking with kids can be fun if you do it the easy way.   Hop over to… View Post

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Guest Blog, Periscope and Book Club

This week I’m a guest blogger at Minivan Ministries. Tara had a fantastic idea to have a Picnic Parade featuring guest bloggers who planned picnics and books. Since I love both of these things, I wanted in on the action. It was time for a Quiver Book Club (for other book clubs, click Book Clubs under Books in the menu… View Post

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Why do we hurt the ones we love?

A few days ago a dear friend mentioned that she was upset because one of her children had said some pretty negative things about her that really hit home. She knew she was struggling in those areas and it hurt that her child was using them against her. As parents, we spend most of our time trying to raise our… View Post

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