100+ Ancient Greece Unit Study Resources

Last year my middle schooler fell in love with the Percy Jackson book series and consequently Ancient Greece. After months of research, I found over 100 resources for our Ancient Greece Unit Study. I wasn’t able to use all of them, but here are some of our favorites and some that are still on our wishlist.   This post contains… View Post

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Guest Blog, Periscope and Book Club

This week I’m a guest blogger at Minivan Ministries. Tara had a fantastic idea to have a Picnic Parade featuring guest bloggers who planned picnics and books. Since I love both of these things, I wanted in on the action. It was time for a Quiver Book Club (for other book clubs, click Book Clubs under Books in the menu… View Post

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Homeschool Encouragement

Such a simple thought. An example of how to be a good mother. Just the encouragement I needed on a day like today when all sorts of crazy were heading down my path. This week we started “back to school”. Technically, we never stopped homeschooling. We’re year-round homeschoolers. But today was our official day of our new school grades. It… View Post

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