Tinker Crate and Kiwi Crate Subscription Box Review

In a previous post, I lamented my “UnSciencyness” (I’m really making up words now). In that post, I described some ways I was alleviating my stress of planning science lessons and executing amazing experiments. Our favorite, by far, has been Tinker Crate, and it’s younger companion, Kiwi Crate. The girls genuinely love these crates and look forward to them month after… View Post

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The Secret Garden Book Club

We have recently decided to toss our boring grammar program for a new, more relaxed, lifestyle approach to language arts. Some of us were crying when the subject “grammar” was mentioned and the kids hated it, too. Enter Brave Writer. Just the name dried up the tears and inspired us to new heights (well, at least we stopped crying). Julie Bogart… View Post

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I Did My Civic Duty

Yesterday, I took my children to witness democracy in action. We have been taking our children to vote since they were able to push the buttons. We want them to understand that voting is our civic duty. This year all of them were able to discuss candidates. And discuss, we did. L-, our middle daughter, wanted to know who would vote… View Post

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